Upside Down Roach - 100% Pike

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This is the Newest Edition to my range; I call it the 'Upside Down Roach'.  In action it imitates a dying fish that is upside down.

This lure has an amazing action, it floats on the surface after the cast, then when you retrieve it has the most amazing wiggle and dives down a little way due to the lip.  The best thing about it is that it pops up again when you stop retrieving and really does look like a dying fish.  Now you can see in the photo this has produced results for me, in fact I had 4 takes on this lure in 6 casts.  Its amazing to watch a pike take this lure, because its virtually a surface take everytime....splash and bang your rods bent double.

Let me tell you now i am in love with this little lure, forget any other lure if you after pike....BUY THIS.

Upside Down Roach
This lure is buoyant with an 'Upside Down' feature to imitate a dead or dying fish.  Lovely wiggle on it on the retrieve and dives down then pops up again......feeding pike find this irresistible.

This is a Pike Fishing Must.  Comes is its own box.


Body length 90mm
Weight 12g
Rattle? Yes
Material Hollow plastic
Working depth Surface & Diving 1ft



Great Lure May 22 2014, 15:35 PM

Reviewed By:  Martin Hurst
"Sat in my lure box for two years!! Facing a blank I popped it on yesterday and nailed two Pike in 20 minutes , savage top water takes!!"
Roach Oct 12 2012, 08:49 AM

Reviewed By:  UKLAD167
"This is a top lure. Caught many pike using it. Reccomend it to anyone..Do not leave home without one..."
Fantastic Lure Feb 26 2012, 09:15 AM

Reviewed By:  Ray Bradley
"Used for first time on Avon in Hampshire on Saturday 25th Feb 2012 (yesterday). Had a take on 1st cast, missed. Had a take on 3rd cast, missed that as well. Pike of about 10lb landed from 4th cast. On 5th cast caught a salmon of about 8lb. 6th cast into tree on opposite bank, lost lure. But went home happy."

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