Surface Popper - Pink

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Pink/Silver Surface Popper
This lure is super buoyant with an amazing pink and silver attracting colour for the top-water angler.  It has an exaggerated U - shaped mouth that creates a loud popping disturbance which surface feeding fish find irresistible, great for chub, trout and salmon too!  Pike also love to strike the surface so this could really land you some action.
This is a straight casting, 100% fish magnet with a rattle for extra attraction.  Comes is its own box.

This lure can also be used on holiday off the rock for various preds....enjoy!
Load your reel with braid and this lure will fire off on the cast like a rocket...

This is a high quality brand new surface lure.  Just as good as a Rapala, same action.

Body length 90mm
Weight 18g
Rattle? Yes
Material Hollow plastic
Working depth Surface

- Lovely construction
- Quality Hooks
- Stainless steel splitrings and hardware
- Amazing Fish attracting colours

RQFHwDf9 Jul 13 2013, 13:05 PM

Reviewed By:  Marcio
"Hi Clint Great catch and great resort. I see you are at FL Resort. I was there when the biesggt recorded trout was caught on Sept 24/2012 by Trent Nellis 8lbs 3oz. He was using a Lucky Bug and I would like to stay thanks to him as I did catch some later that day but quite as biggggg as his. Thanks Trent."

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