Silver Tail

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Body length 95mm
Weight 13g
Rattle? Yes
Material Hollow plastic
Working depth 3 to 5ft


This is a high quality brand new medium action diving double-jointed lure which delivers a great action in the water.
This new lure has a metallic tail that gives a rattle in the water and represents a very life like bait fish such as a Roach. 

This lure is an amazing representation of a baitfish with a great silver body colour combined with an orange belly to drive predators into a feeding frenzy.  At 95mm in length with a 13g weight this makes casting a dream.  Great action on the retrieve ensures you get into some action.   An extremely effective lure when fishing for Pike, Perch, and you could even try for Bass.  This lure has an excellent finish with quality hooks and splitrings 

I have great feedback on this lure; it really does deliver for Pike.

- Quality Hooks
- Stainless steel splitrings and hardware
- Amazing Fish attracting colours
- Come with its own box
- Very realistic baitfish action

AFAIC tht'as the bes Jan 16 2016, 09:00 AM

Reviewed By:  Puss
"AFAIC tht'as the best answer so far!"
wpMW412dVLs Jul 14 2013, 17:07 PM

Reviewed By:  Siti
"one thing you could do is first find a spot with alot of lily pads or broken down logs in the river. once you do that you shluod find a good stash of em. my personal favorite bait I use for crappie is A: Salted or regular minnows or B: worms. hook the worm right to where its covering your whole hook leave a little of its body hanging off the hook. for minnows, just put the hook through the bony part of its head. hope that helps fish on."

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