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This is a high quality diving double-jointed lure which delivers a great wiggly crank bait action in the water.  Just a winner for Pike.
This new lure has a tail that gives a rattle in the water and represents a very life like bait fish such as a Roach. 

This lure is an amazing representation of a baitfish with a great silver body colour to drive predators into a feeding frenzy.  At 95mm in length with a 15g weight this makes casting a dream.  This lure has an excellent finish with quality Japenese hooks and splitrings 

I have personally caught on this lure whilst in Thailand.  This will be a winner for Pike and Perch in the UK.

- Quality Hooks
- Stainless steel splitrings and hardware
- Amazing Fish attracting colours
- Come with its own box
- Very realistic baitfish action

Body length 95mm
Weight 15g
Rattle? Yes
Material Hollow plastic
Working depth 2 to 5ft

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