Mid Water - Gold Stick

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This is a high quality brand new shallow diver lure.  Just as good as a Rapala, delivers the same action in the water.
An extremely effective lure when fishing for Pike, Perch, Trout, you could even try for Bass.  This lure has a natural baitfish action and excellent finish. This lure delivers great action with lovely colours which ensures you get into some action quickly, at this price hard to beat.


Here is some recent feedback on this lure:
"Hello Stew.  Thought i'd give soom feedback on your recent lure that i bought from you.I've just had two weeks in the "Fishing capital of the world" ...CUBA ! Took my telescopic rod ,some strong line and various lures.Your lure was far the best !!! I had 2 great takes by Tarpon,but seeing the bloody fish leap 2ft clear of the water to spit it out ! However, i did catch a Baracuda !! I did not have the means to photograph the above mentioned fish... It was only about a foot long but it was a real buzz.....
The Bone fish did not even touch it,not without trying,The lure has many teeth marks and scratches,so it has not let me down !
so,i am promoting your lure for Tarpon and Baracuda
cheers ace.
Stuart .The cuba king."

I have great feedback on this lure, it really does deliver for Pike.

- Quality Hooks
- Stainless steel splitrings and hardware
- Amazing Fish attracting colours

Body length 90mm
Weight 7g
Rattle? Yes
Material Hollow plastic
Working depth 3 to 5ft


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