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I have put this pack of 3 Lures together as another special offer, I am confident that this pack of lures will catch you fish.  These Fishing Lures will give you depth, colour and the wiggliest fish attracting crankbait action you need.  All come in their own boxes.  You can buy with confidence. 

1. Lightning Diving Lure
This is a new lure to the range which I am calling the 'Lightning Diver', its a deep diver on the retrieve with wonderful Pearlescent colours that sparkle in the sunlight.  This will drive fish crazy.
With the size of this lure being 90mm combined with a 13g weight this could easily be used for both pike and some rock action on your holiday.  The strong durable lip gets it down to the strike zone fast so expect action quickly.

I believe this is as good as any Rapala Lure and it casts like a dream.
'Lightning Diving Lure' this lure can get down deep and be fished at very slow speeds.  A great bait for cranking and twitching. 
Comes is its own box.

Body length 90mm
Weight 13g
Rattle? Yes
Material Hollow plastic
Working depth Surface & Deep Diving

2. Green Flash
This is a very unusual lure being transparent on the bottom with a wonderful green upper body.  You can see the ball inside that creates the rattle to attract fish.  Amazing quality with razor sharp hooks.  This is for the more unusual lure collector who wants to try something new.  A great addition to any collection as on those days where its overcast these sort of lures really do deliver.

An extremely effective lure when fishing for predators.  With its sleek body this could be a winner if taken on holiday and fished in warmer waters.  Tarpon or Barracuda love this sort of baitfish shape when fished with a fast action over rocks or drop offs. 
Great quality 9cm floating and diving lure.

- Quality Hooks
- Stainless steel splitrings and hardware
- Float & Dive Actions
- Casting & Fast Retrieve

Body length 90mm
Weight 6g
Rattle? Yes
Material Hollow plastic
Working depth 0 to 4ft

3. Silver Tail
This new lure has a metallic tail that gives a rattle in the water and represents a very life like bait fish such as a Roach. 

This lure is an amazing representation of a baitfish with a great silver body colour combined with an orange belly to drive predators into a feeding frenzy.  At 95mm in length with a 13g weight this makes casting a dream.  Great action on the retrieve ensures you get into some action.   An extremely effective lure when fishing for Pike, Perch, and you could even try for Bass.  This lure has an excellent finish with quality hooks and splitrings

I have great feedback on this lure; it really does deliver for Pike.

- Quality Hooks
- Stainless steel splitrings and hardware
- Amazing Fish attracting colours
- Come with its own box
- Very realistic baitfish action


Body length 95mm
Weight 13g
Rattle? Yes
Material Hollow plastic
Working depth 3 to 5ft

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