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This Fishing Lure Christmas gift set is perfect for a more unusual Xmas Gift.  Trust us the Fisherman or Fisherwoman in your life will love these lures.  I have personally caught fish using the these lure in the past and can offer a money back guarantee if you don’t catch with at least one lure!!.  The quality of the lures is amazing with razor sharp Japanese hook technology.   Don’t delay, order you set now for that extra special Xmas present.

This set includes the following lures which all come in their own reusable box.

1.  Jerkbait Green Perch
2.  Upside Down Roach (Our best selling Lure)
3.  Sleek Blue
4.  Silver Tail
5.  Lightning Diving Lure

Full details and individual lure specification are detail below: -

Jerkbait Lure - Green Perch
A great Jerkbait which was introduced recently to our range. This lure has already become legendary having accounted for numerous personal bests. This Jerkbait has has a unique shape and natural action which is effective with all types of retrieve.
Overall a very effective and time proven lure for Pike, Zander.  Great potenital to try for Bass and Catfish.  This Lure is deadly when fished around margins, cover and vegetation. The Floating version of the 7cm length Slider weighs 15 grams.


'Sleek Blue'

A perfectly balanced shape, for super long-range casting. Neutral buoyancy to let it hang suspended in front of fish, and drive them crazy. Fitted with top quality hooks and split rings. 



Body length 73mm
Weight 15g
Rattle? No
Material Hollow plastic
Working depth 0 to 2ft

Upside Down Roach

This lure has an amazing action, it floats on the surface after the cast, then when you retrieve it has the most amazing wiggle and dives down a little way due to the lip.  The best thing about it is that it pops up again when you stop retrieving and really does look like a dying fish.  Now you can see in the photo this has produced results for me, in fact I had 4 takes on this lure in 6 casts.  Its amazing to watch a pike take this lure, because its virtually a surface take everytime....splash and bang your rods bent double.

Body length 90mm
Weight 12g
Rattle? Yes
Material Hollow plastic
Working depth Surface & Diving 1ft


Body length 140mm
Weight 27g
Rattle? Yes
Material Hollow plastic
Working depth Surface & 3 to 5ft

'Lightning Diving Lure'
This is a new lure to the range which I am calling the 'Lightning Diver', its a deep diver on the retrieve with wonderful Pearlsescent colours that sparkle in the sunlight.  This will drive fish crazy.
With the size of this lure being 90mm combined with a 13g weight this could easily be used for both pike and some rock action on your holiday. 
The strong durable lip gets it down to the strike zone fast so expect action quickly.

Body length 90mm
Weight 13g
Rattle? Yes
Material Hollow plastic
Working depth Surface & Deep Diving


This is a high quality brand new medium action diving double-jointed lure which delivers a great action in the water.
This new lure has a metallic tail that gives a rattle in the water and represent a very life like bait fish such as a Roach. 

This lure is an amazing representation of a baitfish with a great silver body colour combined with an orange belly to drive predators into a feeding frenzy.  At 95mm in length with a 13g weight this makes casting a dream.  Great action on the retrieve ensures you get into some action.   
An extremely effective lure when fishing for Pike, Perch, and you could even try for Bass.  This lure has an excellent finish with quality hooks and splitrings.  I have great feedback on this lure, it really does deliver for Pike.


Body length 95mm
Weight 13g
Rattle? Yes
Material Hollow plastic
Working depth 3 to 5ft

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